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piano tuning and major repair

 most modern grand pianos have a pre-crowned (rim crowned) soundboards, not steinway,

they have a compression crown " moisture crown" soundboard. we at hockmanpiano strive to

reproduce the same compression " moisture crown" crown soundboard that was original to all

steinway pianos.

 one may ask, "what is the difference" or " why is the compression crowned soundboard

superior to pre-crowned soundboards?" and "why should i be concerned about it ?"

 well, steinway only has or does compression crowned soundboard on all their pianos. most

unbiased technicians would agree, compression crowned soundboard produce the best

sustain and harmonics.

 all steinway pianos also have what is known as " diaphragmatic" soundboards. this means

they have been shaped to make the center larger than the edges. this allows the soundboard

to move freely.

 both of the proesses take considerable amount of time and effort to reproduce.

  hockmanpiano has preproduced soundboards that have met or exceed production steinways.

 we purchase all our soundboards from bolduc canada™, which produce the finest

soundboards in the world.

 most all of this can be varified by a simple web search.